On inspiration from writing festivals

I recently went to the Emerging Writers’ Festival Roadshow in Sydney. I love EWF. I’ve been to the past two in Melbourne and I love the program, the people and what it does.

I have reservations about writing festivals in general, but that’s mainly to do with the fact that I’ve now been to enough of them that I don’t really learn anything new any more. So paying money to go to panels that I’m not learning anything from seems like a waste.

However, I wouldn’t say I don’t get anything out of festivals. Festivals now give me inspiration more than anything else.

I came out of #ewfsyd wanting to write and submit to journals and magazines. I have short stories I want to tell. I want people to read my writing.

While it is November, and I am in the throes of NaNoWriMo, my short story writing may have to wait until December. But I am inspired. I want to work hard at getting published in a journal.

And that is what I now get out of festivals. That is why I still go to festivals. I feel inspirated to write and do new things. What do you get out of festivals?

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