On #NaNoWriMo: Determination is the key.

So you’ve made it to the eighth of November. Congratulations! This is usually the most difficult week. Usually you will either, run out of steam and throw it all up in the air (although hopefully not your computer, because that would be a large crash and you might possibly hurt your head). Or you didn’t start at all because of work, or school, or family commitments, or election excitement, or simply the fifty thousand word goal seemed daunting.

But if you’re here, well done you! Everyone gets virtual cookies!

At the end of today, your word count should be at 13,333 words.

So even though week one may be the hardest, because motivation needs to kick in; in week two, it’s your determination that will get you through. You may hear about people having completed the fifty thousand words in week one. I congratulate them. But if you haven’t, do not worry! If you don’t have 13,333 words at the end of tonight. Do not worry! You still have twenty-two days, and it is now your determination that will get you through. Motivation is only one quarter of the key.

If your not a planner, you may need to become one. Not for your novel, but for your word count. Determination comes in the form of making up your word count. For those lucky ones who have more than 13,333 words, this part will be easier: you will have less than 1,667 words per day to write. But you do still need to write. For those who have fewer than 13,333 words, you will need to write more than 1,667 words a day. And you do still need to write.

By knowing how many words each day you need to complete #nanowrimo will help you get to the finish line. Thankfully, the lovely folk over at nanowrimo.org provide every user with a foolproof way of finding out how many words they need to write to win: they provide it for you.

By going to your profile page (which is located at http://nanowrimo.org/en/participants/USERNAME and replace ‘username’ with your username), and clicking on stats, you will find a plethora of data that will help you finish (determination) and keep you motivated. It is always fun to watch your graph grow.

As of publishing this blog post, I have 16,614 words in my #nanowrimo document. Part of those words are at the bottom of the file in the dump section*, while the majority are part of my ‘real’ story. And as my graph will tell you, I need to write 1,392 to finish on November 30. My personal goal is 2,000 words a day so if unexpected wash days appear–days where I can’t write–I will be ahead. This happened last Saturday, and I was ahead so it didn’t concern me.

Week two is all about determination. So the question is: are you determined enough?

A small snippet from my novel, which is part of the series “the Charlie & Cub Chronicles”.

Charlie left the room and ran to the elevator and pressed the button. Rohan waited until he heard the ding.

Only, when the ding came, so did the nurses around the corner.

“Run, Rohan!” Charlie screamed as she held the door, facing the women walking swiftly down the hallway towards her. “Run!”

Rohan ran, pushing the wheelchair in front of him. He ran passed Charlie and ran the wheelchair into the back of the large lift. Charlie reached around and pushed the ground floor button as well as the close doors button.

“I’ll see you at home,” she said. She knew he would know to go to their home. Their Witch’s House.

“Come with–” Rohan began to say as the doors closed.

The last image Rohan saw was of Charlie shaking her head.

* Note: A dump section (or file in some cases) is where unwanted words are put. These words were written in November, and count towards your word count, but are not actually part of the story. My dumped scene was placed their because the characters ended up talking in circles and nothing was getting done. They are liked deleted scenes, only before a writer or editor can delete them from the completed manuscript.

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