On the Great Noveling Adventure

This week I signed up to participate in The Great Noveling Adventure”. Essentially, it’s a group of writers that commit themselves to finishing their novels AFTER November is over.

I love doing this stuff. It keeps me accountable, and I have a supportive group of people that are heading towards the same goal as me.

The problem is that I finished my novel in November.

I now have a draft of Charlie & Cub that is 69,627 words long, or 269 pages as the Microsoft Word flies, or 373,320 characters long with spaces, and has been developed and written over the last four or five years.

You see the smiling idiot in the corner with the blue binder? Yeah, that’s me. I can not tell you how proud I am that I have this. A complete draft.

And while I am sure that this happiness will wear off as soon as I start to tear it apart, I think the fact of finish a first draft needs to be celebrated.

But that leaves the question of what I will be doing for The Great Noveling Adventure now. I will take the opportunity to stay accountable on editing my draft. I will also start the next project that isn’t actually fully fleshed out–I have four characters and an idea of what I want the novel to look like. But that’s enough. (My first check-in can be found at the official site!)

Until next Sunday (which is both my Great Noveling Adventure check-in day and the work-in-progress day on this blog), I hope that everyone will keep writing (or editing) to finish their novels. And I make this my call to you–check-in with me on Sunday. Comment on this blog on Sundays and tell me (and the Great Noveling Adventure team) where you are up to in your writing process. I know I would love to read snippets and hear about the problems and successes you are having as you finish that first draft!

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