On starting a new year (planning for 2013)

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As the new year rolled around and I missed all my final blogging deadlines for 2012, I also missed some important posts that I wanted to write. The posts were mainly reflection ones or hopes-and-dreams ones, but I feel these posts when said out loud mean more and carry more weight (both to myself and to others) than if I just keep them in my head.

Since my last ‘real’ post on 20 December, I have caught up with all my extended families (Mum’s and Dad’s brothers and sisters, my husband’s family). I have had my first wedding anniversary. I turned twenty-three on 31 December. I brought in the new year by flying to Brisbane and bringing a headcold with me. I have started planning my 2013 (with a specific focus on Charlie & Cub).

At the end of each year, the lovely husband and I start looking at the next year. By the time January turns up, we know sort-of where we’ll be, and we know sort-of what needs to happen over the year. But a lot of things are in our heads. By writing them down, we feel like they are accomplish-able goals, and even if they aren’t, then we’ll take steps towards getting them done the year after.

We are travelling a lot this year. In February, we head off to Japan (for a holiday) and then the United States for work. In July we’re heading to Malaysia, London and Paris for a holiday (mostly). Between then we’ll be between Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. When we plan travel, we look for touristy things to do, but also for work things we want to do. While I’m in the US I want to meet with Nosy Crow, Oceanhouse Media, a couple of publishing houses and some universities. We’re heading to South-by-Southwest in Austin for the interactive section of the conference. We’re going to live in San Francisco to soak up the cliched start-up vibe. But we’ll also visit Washington DC and head out to Denver to ski. We travel to try new things and work in new places–our perfect work/life balance.

As well as travelling, I have some serious writing goals this year. Freelance publishing, editing my novel, getting a contract for my novel. Participating in festivals, writing for this blog and tGNA’s vlog. I’m editing Scrapbook Creations by Universal Magazines. I am going to write drabbles all year long. BnE Media will start looking at creating a ‘world’ that doesn’t just incorporate apps. It is a busy year, but a very exciting year.

The problem with planning a new year is that some ideas just can not be done. There is no way I have time to start my own indie chic-geek magazine, nor do I have time to make something of Writers’ Tea Party. So they go on the ‘sometime in the future’ list.

But pretty much everything gets on the list so it’s there in the back of my head whether I realise it or not. As long as it’s written down, things get done towards the end goal. What are your goals for 2013?

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