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I am the editor of a scrapbook magazine. This means that all the new friends and creatives I meet are papercrafters, not writers. And often they have kids. Occasionally I’ll see a post like the one on the left on my social media streams and I just have to jump in and recommend books because I love introducing people to my favourites. (And all the writers in my life know this list.)

Note I: This post will deal with series only. They are not in any particular order.

Note II: Harry Potter is not on the list because it’s assumed you’ve already read it.

The Lumatere Chronicles. (Melina Marchetta, Penguin) I had to start with an Aussie series, but this series holds its own against even the best overseas series. A country is in exile and it’s up to the king’s best friend to reunite his people and take them home. Recommended for 14+

The Spiderwick Chronicles. (Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi, Simon & Schuster) I am very partial to this series as I have never found anything for middle readers that quite lives up to the imagination that this book has. Jared, his twin brother, older sister and mother move into an old Victorian house in New England after their father leaves them. When Jared comes across an old book that details the mysterious creatures of the forest, Jared has to see them for himself. Recommended for 8+

“The Daughter of Smoke and Bone” trilogy. (Laini Taylor, Hachette) A recent addition to my recommendation list, but I’ve bought it twice now–once in ebook form and once in hard copy. Karou is mysterious to everyone, she has crazy blue hair, open eyed tattoos on her hands, and is whisked away at any moment for no reason. The reason that she can’t share is that she is a tooth collector for her foster monster dad. Recommended for 14+

The Raven Cycle. (Maggie Stiefvater, Scholastic) Warning: do not get too attached to this book. There are only two published out of the four in the series. Whenever I read these books, I feel like I’m coming back to old friends. Set in Henrietta, a town that lies on the magical leyline which is the key to finding the lost king who will grant his saviours one wish. Recommended for 14+

The Sally Lockhart Mysteries. (Philip Pullman, Oxford University Press) No, it’s the normal Philip Pullman recommendation, but it’s just as amazing. Meet Sally, who is essentially an orphan, and is looking for a way to make her life meaningful in Victorian London. She stumbles upon a mystery surrounding her father’s death and a photographer who is willing to help her. Sadly for Sally, the fourth book is my favourite and she’s barely in it! Recommended for 11+

The Tales of the Otori. (Lian Hearn, Hachette) Admittedly, I have not read all five books, and honestly I’d only recommend reading the original trilogy. As a historical fantasy novel, it is greatly influenced by feudal Japan. Another plus point: Australian writer! A riveting story that makes you want to visit Japan. Recommended for 14+

“The Bronze Horseman” trilogy. (Paullina Simons, HarperCollins) This book is not for the faint-hearted. It’s intense. It’s heart-breaking. It’s an epic love story set in World War II Russia. It’s my go-to gift book. (Testament in this picture and this picture) But it’s not for young kids. I read it when I was fifteen, but that’s because I ignored my teacher’s recommendation to get my mother to read it first. And then my mother was a little horrified when she eventually read it. (What I’m trying to say, descriptive sex in this book!) I won’t put an age recommendation on this book because everyone is different. At fifteen, I read it twice in one week.

This list should keep you going for sometime. But I’ll make a non-series list sometime soon too. AND: I would love to hear how the papercrafters go!

6 thoughts on “Recommendations of Note (for the crafty ladies)

  1. Sharmaine Kruijver

    Awesome list!!! THANK YOU 🙂
    Our eldest loved the “The Keepers” series, by Tasmanian author Lian Tanner and the new “The Last 13” series, by James Phelan. Both these series are probably for readers aged 10+
    She’s read the Divergent and the Hunger Games series too. Those are just the ones I can think of, that you’ve not mention and that she’s loved and re-read several times.

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    1. Elle Post author

      I have to admit, I didn’t love Divergent. I only read the first one and didn’t even start the next one.

      The Hunger Games, though… I devoured. Sadly the last book didn’t live up to the first two, hence why it’s not here! =) It is likely to be on my single books list though.

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  2. Gina

    thanks so much for the list..will definitely look these up 😉 Jem (15) and I have read the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series (6 books) and loved them along with the SIlvermay trilogy by James Maloney.. Jem’s also loves the Hush Hush, Inkheart and Keepers series..I agree with your thoughts on Hunger Games book 3..

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