On children’s books via devices

I admit it, I got pretty excited when I saw the July Authors’ Earnings report. It mainly focussed on ebooks and those ebooks bought through Amazon; however, it wasn’t the earnings that got me excited. I was excited because as I read, I came to a graph. This graph:

Children’s. (They forgot the apostrophe.) But “Children’s” was on a graph suggesting it was possible to earn some money (not much money) from publishing children’s ebooks.

I went away, emailed the husband, all excited and then it hit me.

What exactly did Children’s mean? The definition of children’s books, at least in the publishing world, tends to include Young Adult novels. So is this graph showing actual children’s books (books for under twelve-year-olds — my own definition) or children and young adult books (books for anyone under 16 years)?

In my experience, I have not seen a strong uptake of children (under twelves) reading on digital devices. They play games, young children like interactive apps, but actual reading? Give a child an e-ink screen, would they know what to do with it?

I don’t think we’ve revolutionised the way children read books — yet. I think adults are very comfortable reading on devices, but do they give their children devices to read on? Probably not.

Which makes you think: if you’re not comfortable with a child reading a device, why are you reading on a device?

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