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Two weeks ago, I read an interview with Evi O on The Conversation. Since then, I’ve been pondering on one particular quote by Evi:

As a creative, I function better when juggling many different projects at once – different design tasks and processes stimulate me.

I couldn’t agree more about this. Currently, I am working on four different projects. I feel like this allows me to continue to be creative. If I think about something too much, I get frustrated and can’t figure out what is wrong with it. I feel like my brain slots everything into place if I ignore it for a bit. Subconscious thinking.

I’ve been working on a couple of new projects and I feel like it’s about time I share them.

The Charlie & Cub Chronicles. I’m still working on this novel. I’ve got one final plot problem (the Parents’ and Sam’s storylines have been resolved), which means I can then start on the re-write. I am very much looking forward to getting back and writing in this world again. I have been so very lucky with this story. My other ideas (which I’m not working on) are no where near as ‘beautiful’.

Papercut Labs is an online scrapbooking classroom. It should be launching in September. I am passionate about the scrapbooking community – even if I’m apart from the community, and not part of it – and I thoroughly enjoy watching the people I’ve met grow as artists. By extending into the classroom setting, I can meet the artists just as they’re beginning. I’m more an admin of these classes while I let much much more creative people be the teachers.

Letterpress magazine is my ‘fun’ project. It’s a small magazine–almost a zine–that focusses on typography, letterpresses, graphic design, digital fonts and how all these things come about. But the fun part is that a large part of this magazine is showcasing digital fonts and I’m asking creative writers to write fictional histories of the fonts. It’s quirky, it’s niche and it’s going to be beautiful. Sometimes I feel myself drowning in it, but then I just need to remember that it is supposed to be fun, and that creative writers are actually fun people. I can’t decide what the next step is: finding writers or finding graphic artists.

The fourth and final project is this. This blog. Being online. Making myself, as cliched as it is and as much as I hate to say it, a platform. I like blogging and I like being on social media. Blogging allows me to work through problems, make decisions on things I only have ideas and inklings about. I like to be connected. I like to give back. It makes my creative process less lonely. Because, honestly, it is just me.

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