Picture Post: #charliecub setting

A couple of things are happening right now. Firstly, I am terrible at making videos. (Note, if you see this on my website, the link won’t take you away–it opens in an overlay.)

Yes, I took the leap, and am trying to vlog about my writing process. I had hoped that it would keep me on track. Thus far, I haven’t really progressed much further between two videos and seven days. But I do want to write, which is better than two weeks ago.

I’ve embedded below some of the images I took in 2013, and these are by not comprehensive of the novels. I still need to gather images of Nazareth House, of Bay Tce, and of the Manly markets… But the captions explain a little bit more about where these images come into play in the novels. I try not to give too much of the story away in the captions.

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