On life, writing and typical days.

Each Friday I like to collect up five links that have resonated with me throughout the week and share them on my blog. I never pick a theme for the week, but like to share the things I’ve thought about after I closed the page. But! All blog posts need a title, so this week is: on life, writing and typical days.

ONEA translation of an email to a writer. Writers do not work for free. While I do understand the struggles of a creative writing start-up (oh, boy do I…), you do have to offer something in return. (Note to self: write blog post on this in the future.)

TWO. I’ve been inspired by a bunch of ‘things I wish I told my younger self’ article this week. Two of them in particular: “10 Things I would go back and tell my 20-something-year-old self if I could” by Rachel Del Grosso and “30 Life Things I Always Try To Remember” by Emma Gannon.

THREE. Leo of Zen Habits is always inspiring. I’ve been reading his blog for many many years, so there are things that I often skim because I feel like I’ve read it before. But the reminder is nice. This post, however, I had not read before. He talks about his typical day, and how he is lazy, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get things done.

FOUR. A bit of advertising fun: a creative graphic designer asks What if Apple made milk? And this is how the packaging would look. My personal favourite is “Nike Fruit (just eat it)”.

FIVE. I’m not a vegetarian, but I do like Matt’s articles about running at No Meat Athlete. As a wannabe runner and an owner of a disused fitbit flex, this article on Running for Steps (rather than time or distance) makes me want to experiment.

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