Family: a Charlie & Cub sequel moment. Image by Flickr user James Niland.

Family: a Charlie & Cub sequel moment

As part of my writing goals this year, I’m writing more creatively. Family is one of (hopefully) many drabbles (100 word stories) that I will publish. Image is by flickr user James Niland used under a CC BY 2.0 license: it is a real picture of the setting that inspired the novels.

This drabble is a mini-sequel to The Charlie & Cub Chronicles. It is part of a collection of moments between sixteen-year-old Theo and Charlie. Family continues on from the drabble Home.

This drabble can be read on its own — out of context of the novels and the other drabbles. Nevertheless, I’m going to hide it behind a more tag: spoilers for characters and ending of series.

“I knew you’d be here.” Theo pulled himself up with just his arms to sit beside Charlie. She sometimes forgot how tall he’d grown. How strong he’d become.

Charlie didn’t say anything. She continued to stare into the black.

“Rohan waited for you.” Silence. “You can’t just take off, Charlie. These people care about us, it’s not—”

“It’s not family,” Charlie whispered, cutting him off.

“They are. They’re all we’ve got.”

Charlie could feel Theo looking at her, his eyes searching… for something. But she just leant into his shoulder and sighed. He relaxed and wrapped his arms around her.

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