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On #NaNoWriMo: Recaping Day 1

Here we are, at the end of Day 1. And what do I have to show for it? 3,689 words, that’s what.

I’m pretty happy with that considering I’m taking most of Saturday off to go visit Sydney and the Emerging Writers’ Festival Roadshow.

Day 1 has taken me all the way to the middle of Chapter 3.

And a small snippet:

Rohan thought something snapped in Theo’s head. Not only when they were taking the demon out of him, but when his mood flipped. He would be sitting quietly next to Rohan on the couch and then he wasn’t. He was flailing his arms about, talking about something intensely exciting and big and adventurous that had happened to him, and he didn’t stop. He wound himself up. He got too excited. Within a few minutes, his mood flipped. Quiet, reading eleven-year-old, to animated, storytelling eleven-year-old, to breaking, running, chaotic eleven-year-old

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All the good (writing) things.

Good things come in threes, right?

Number one. I finished the first book of Charlie and Cub. This is an unbelievable achievement. I have been trying to do this for years. I had been waiting for the right time. So when we moved to Canberra, I found the right time. No job, no real responsibilities, I had all the timing in the world. This has since changed, but I completed a book. I now have four to go.

Number two. We found developers for this new website we are trying to get up and running. Unfortunately, I can’t say much more at this stage.

Number three. I’m the Digital Media Publisher at contentgroup. Which means I get to add content, read about content and create a content strategy for the online sphere. Awesome, awesome.

Sadly, number three hinders number one. But if number two gets up and running sooner rather than later, number one gets back on track and number three’s full-time status may be recognised.

In any case, things are happening. And my plans are getting bigger than my head can handle. I still have to submit PhD application because I need to see if I’m eligible before submitting a proposal. I would love to list my to-do list, but I’m sure it would just bore you all.

I know I’m busy, but it’s exciting! I can’t wait!

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