Project: Shattered

Copyright © Ellen Harvey 2012

It’s hard to describe exactly what Shattered is. I began planning this story in 2009. And then it grew out of control.

Shattered is a young-adult novel told in real-time through a blog. It tells the story of 22-year-old Sohalia who returns home to her small town for the summer—only, in the small town that never changes, the townsfolk appear to have collective memory loss, she’s seeing people that no one else can see, and the forest that fences her childhood house has turned into a favourite party spot for the most amazing dress-up parties. What Sohalia doesn’t know is that her small town, Boundary, is not named after a boundary in the human world, but a boundary in the faerie world—the boundary between two feuding kingdoms’ courts; and for reasons unbeknown to Sohalia, she is placed in the middle of the oncoming war.

Shattered is a transmedia project, which means that the story is told through various mediums (online, podcast, game), allowing various access points to the story from a multitude of angles. Part of Shattered’s overall plan is to release, not only the real-time blog, but also an accompany podcast; a series of short stories from secondary characters’ point of views; ‘create your own earthling’ online avatar game; adventure 2D games; book trailers; special edition books; iPhone and Android applications; online character interaction (Sohalia will have her own twitter/facebook accounts and a IM chat persona); graphically drawn photographs that are used throughout in the piece; and even behind-the-scenes interviews, videos and first drafts. All of these elements are released in their rightful time depending on what the story needs; however, all will be available in the final app and special edition book. Depending on how you like to access the story—through art, words, games, or music—this project can involve the reader from the start through their favourite medium.

I am still working on this project, and if you would like to get involved, in any way (wordpress designer, game creator, app developer, editor, etc) please do not hesitate to email me.