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On getting a job and making things.

Each Friday I like to collect five links that resonated with me during the week. Sometimes, like this week, I have to go searching for the links. But I will always find five of them. This week’s Friday Five is about getting a job and making things.

ONE. This morning I read an article by Amy Birchall (I’m sort of confused how we haven’t met, both living in Canberra), that explained how she got her first journalism job. My own journey was similar. I wanted to work in a publishing house, so I took two unpaid work experience gigs at the beginning of my final year at uni. I was lucky enough to have very supportive parents who paid the month’s rent and food and flights I need to get to the internships. (They were based in Sydney and I lived in Brisbane.) But I have no doubt that it was those two gigs that got me my job at Penguin at the end of that year.

TWO. Olya Schmidt (or @paintpaperstudio) has embarked on February challenge: #28days28paintings. Each day Olya uploads a time-lapse video of her creating the day’s painting to her instagram account. I love watching each and every one of those videos.

THREE. I love this Designer’s Creed that Matt Mullenweg (yes, the CEO of Automattic, aka creators of WordPress) posted on his blog. What’s more, I think it’s a beautiful reminder of how to live our lives as well.

FOUR. Which door will you open? A cute illustration of the fact that in most hero’s journeys, you have to pass into an unknown world. A timely reminder for someone dealing with this problem currently in her own writing.

FIVE. Oliver Jeffers shows me, an untalented-useless-drawing-type-of-person, how to draw a penguin. It looks pretty easy. However, as with all things like this, my drawings never turn out how I imagined them. My sister, on the other hand, wouldn’t need a guide to draw a penguin.

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