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On beginning an edit and plotting a new novel

So, what have I done this week? Well, I’ve put my first, completed manuscript THE CHRONICLES OF CHARLIE & CUB in a lovely blue binder.

I have to admit, I’m a little scared to read it. There is only this moment in time that the draft will be ‘perfect’. It’s the perfect incarnation of story and words on the page. As a writer, I know it’s not perfect, but right now, until I read that first page, it is. It’s like Schrodinger’s Cat, right? Right now, you have no idea whether it’s a masterpiece or a complete epic failure, but until I read that first page, or even the first word, I will never know for sure. I like it being a dead-and-alive cat right now.

It will probably sit there until I finish this blog post. I’ll then have run out of things that I “need to do” and so I will have start reading it.

The other story that I’ve started working on is currently called “The Incomplete Guide to the Museum” which was in part inspired by “A Partial Map to Your Tardis” and in part inspired by the fact that I wanted to write a TV series as a book.

How does one write a TV series as a book? Well, I have three main characters, and they are the main characters in the entire book. However, there are ten short stories (about 10,000 words each) which have their own plots and bits and pieces, and across all the stories is an overarcing story. It’s a little difficult to plot out. It also means I need to come up with eleven plots, and link them together by something else besides having the same characters in each story.

The plan is to publish a short story a month online. A little blurb: Ayla is your average university student. She has friends, she goes to class (sometimes), she exercises with her new neighbour. But when her neighbour dares her to go into the ever-empty, always-mysterious Museum–that’s what it’s called, just the Museum–Ayla doesn’t want to explain about the missing people. From here, Ayla is thrown forward in time, back in time, living right in the moment and finds that the museum isn’t exactly what it seems. Can she find the Housekeeper again and get her answers? Will she ever see her own life again?

It was a very successful plotting week, with some help from writing friends.

Do you get scared or anxious about re-reading your work?

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