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HP Love, described in images and a love letter

lunalovegoodI have over 850 favourited tweets on Twitter. I use the favourite button as a bookmark button. Things that look interesting but I don’t really have time to investigate right now. Things that are interesting and I want to repost on Tumblr or talk about on this blog. Things that I never get around to actually looking at again.

However, that is no longer true! I’ve gone through the last eighteen months of tweets, unfavourited a bunch of them (mostly job openings or grant funding applications), but also found a familiar theme running through a few of them.

That theme was Harry Potter and how much its fans love it. Those books have had a lasting impact on an entire generation (and the older generation as well–the parents). I read the books, I watch the movies, and I am in awe of Ms Rowling. I don’t think there will be another book/series like it in my generation. I don’t think anyone will be able to create something as powerful again.

I write with aspirations to create a world as complex and contained as hers and I fear that I’m not that good.

That’s beside the point though! Harry Potter’s impact is no longer just the world that we escaped into through the paper pages. We carry it with us.

The links below showcase some of our love for Harry Potter.

A Guide To Rare & Unusual Patronuses In The ‘Harry Potter’ Universe (found via Design Taxi). In the movies, we see some of the more normal patronuses–otters, birds, stags, does–but it does ask the question what COULD be a patronus. This lovely guide describes some of them.

Incredible Tattoos from Childhood (found via Adele Walsh). The HP ones are good, but I have to admit the Peter Pan one behind the ear is my favourite.

JK Rowling plotted Harry Potter on a hand-drawn spreadsheet (found via Rebecca Schinsky). “People have probably made more money attempting, questionably, to pin down, define, and teach the best practices of storytelling, but … we have a revealing scrap of Rowling’s own process.”

A Hilarious Collection Of Harry Potter Pick Up Lines (found via Publishers Weekly). There are some things that just should not be said. Harry Potter pick-up lines are some of them. Although, they are hilarious nonetheless.

One of my favourite bloggers, Nathan Bransford–ex agent and now author–wrote about JKR’s pseudonymous novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling, and what it says about commercial success. (Found via Allison Rushby on twitter.) A well-written article that articulates exactly what everyone says, but with The Cuckoo’s Calling as the example: “It just goes to show how fleeting commercial success is in the book world. Take away those magical series of events that result in bestsellerdom and it’s just another well-received crime novel that fails to catch fire.”

A love letter to Luna Lovegood, from Evanna Lynch “where she describes first reading about Luna while in a recovery programme for anorexia”. (Found via Serena’s twitter, with the whole thing on her tumblr.) I don’t think anything more can be said about this one.

(photo credit: Ellie Ann’s blog post)

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