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Lake Burley Griffin's resident pelicans, early in the morning.

Lake Burley Griffin (06/52)

I try, as much as humanly possible, to take a walk around Lake Burley Griffin each morning. I’m generally better at doing this in the summer months than the winter months (as with all sporty endeavours).

This week, I’ve been taking my phone with me on my morning walks. It’s more of a nuisance than anything else since I just carry it in my hand for the fifty-minute walk. I have a separate iPod for music, which fits into my back zip pocket. But my phone? It’s a normal smartphone; which is to say that it has a 4.7inch screen, so it doesn’t fit into any pocket on any exercise pants I own.

Anyway, last year I tried to tell friends and family that there were pelicans in the lake, but only very early in the morning. This surprised me since I knew pelicans as bayside animals (not really thinking about other places they’d live, having only seen them in the bayside where I grew up). The overwhelming response I got back was: we need picture proof. Not only did they not believe there were pelicans in the lake in the early morning, they didn’t believe there were pelicans in the lake at all!

I saw the pelicans two or three times more before the end of last year, but unfortunately, I did not have my camera or my phone with me. This year I was determined to capture them.

And so I did. On Tuesday’s cloudy morning, they were sitting on what looks like a dam divider that separates the main lake from the offshoot on the northern side.

Photo of the pelicans (Tue 10 Feb) taken on my HTC One smartphone. Filter ‘Islandia’ added through the phone. // Other photos (Wed 11 Feb, Thu 12 Feb) taken on my HTC One smartphone. No filter added.

Lake Burley Griffin's resident pelicans, early in the morning. Lake Burley Griffin: sunrise on February morning. View through the planter box trees on the south side of Lake Burley Griffin before sunrise.

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Lake. (4/52)

I love water. I love swimming. I like being around water, I like being in water, I like smelling water. (Yes, really: smelling it.) It wasn’t always like this though.

Apparently, I was scared of water. Mum took me to my first swimming lesson, and I wouldn’t get in. Wouldn’t go near it. Well, that would not do. Especially for someone growing up in Queensland where beaches are our backyards. So that afternoon, an above-ground pool was installed in our actual backyard.

(Please remember, I was three.)

The next afternoon, you couldn’t get me out of the pool. I was a fish from that moment on.

I still love swimming — I don’t do it as often as I would like — but I do like living near large bodies of water. There’s something really freeing about it. As if the water encourages you to think, dream and believe.

Photo taken on my HTC One smartphone.

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