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On abstract locations (a #doctorwho post)

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It’s started to crop up again: “A Partial Map to Your TARDIS” is making the rounds on the internet. I am quietly pleased when I can say, you haven’t seen that before!? and also a little saddened by it. The internet has become so huge and sprawling (quite like a TARDIS in its own right) that these wonderful things get lost in the cyberspace.

The fanfic/fanart mash-up has regained prominence because the latest episode of Doctor Who took us further into the TARDIS, exploring rooms, technology and even the engine. Of course, the writers will not need to keep these rooms as the official rooms–the TARDIS changes so often that there is no guarantee that a room that was there before will still be there nor that it will look the same as it did earlier. (See, the console room and its desktop themes.)

I first came across the project as a link from Sam’s blog. (Sam writes unbelievable fanfic of all fandoms.) This was a really long time ago. I tend to tweet about the mash-up at least once a year because how can you not when something so beautiful, elegant and awe-inspiring lives in the world. Yesterday, my darling friend Zja linked to a Tor blog post on the topic.

It intrigues me to consider the idea of an infinite space. Much like our own universe, but a universe inside a universe. The TARDIS is like that. Time is like that. I think that’s what I like the most about time and stories about time. Time is a single moment and all moments all at once. A deck of cards, and time travel allows the traveller to step from one spot to another. Imagine if all time was contained in a house and by stepping through a door was just like stepping through time.

How does one map that? How does one navigate it? How does one keep up with things that are constantly changing?

“A Partial Map to Your TARDIS” will always be special to me because it constantly brings up these questions, it makes me think, it makes me inspired. It was the seed that created The Museum, my next work-in-progress novel.

The internet would be incomplete without A Partial Map to Your TARDIS.

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